Am I fat or healthy?

The struggles in life are everlasting as people simply wish to enjoy life in a peaceful manner without confronting their own problems. There’s a time comes in everyone’s life to decide whether “Am I fat or healthy”. There are specific indicators or signs which make you believe in your unfit lifestyle choices. People with obesity or overweight conditions often try to claim that they are “Obese Healthy” by manipulating the term health in unconditional ways. But that doesn’t change the fact that you are fat. Firstly you need to identify whether you are obese or not because health concerns are now the primary concerns of every individual.

Defining the term fat or obesity?

People who have a higher amount of body fat are considered obese with severe chances of suffering from serious health illness. Generally, having body weight greater than what is considered normal is called weight obesity. The excess storage of body fat is available in the body due to higher storage of fat or increase in fat cells in the body.

In order to identify whether a person is obese or not, you just need to measure BMI(Body Mass Index) and if a person is having a BMI over the 30s then he is obese according to his physique. Look obesity differs from overweight challenges as obese physique is more exposed to several health problems as compared to overweight.

10 Signs you probably need to lose weight

Unsettling lifestyle choices when becoming addictive in behavior and start spoiling your life in an unfriendly manner, you start realizing you need to change something in life to become more human in life. We, humans, suffer from several health problems in a serious manner.

To increase the sense of fitness and regulate the lifestyle choices we simply need an improvised way to address serious weight obesity in the best way possible.

Listed below are some of the common indicators of fat and unhealthy lifestyle:

  1. Uncomfortable in doing exercises – Let’s admit that doing a workout is one of the most essential aspects of weight loss. Your body shape ultimately describes the very well-known truth about yourself. Most of the obese people are always found in bad shape which makes workout or physical exercise harder to do. If you are suffering from the very same sense of mixed behavior in your daily regime then you need to look for weight management.
  2. Continuous snoring problem – If you have a snoring problem then you might be suffering from sleep apnea in which irregular breathing disrupts your sleep. Excess body weight is the very cause of this condition as when your body starts storing body fat around your neck then air passing gets really difficult and causes several breathing disorders.
  3. Showing tender spots everywhere – Nothing is truly awful than tender spots when you are obese. People with obese driven lifestyle could easily feel pain at random places which might be the very reason you need to lose weight.
  4. Feel tired all the time – Obese people always feel tired due to fatigue which caused by internal inflammation against body organs from inside.

If you continue to live with your obese lifestyle choices then you will surely regret this your whole life as these hidden indicators could expose to hundreds of health problems without even alarming in life.

Dietary negligence is the primary step towards obesity want to know how?

The calories equation is an important part of our dietary requirements as the calories intake should be equal to calories expenditure which determines our body weight. In healthy body weight, energy production is well balanced.

The metabolic rate defines the amount of fat stored in the body which leads to several other issues. Nothing is truly inevitable in any manner but negligence in calories equation could easily lead to obesity.

For e.g.-If a person eat higher calories than he/she metabolizes then the person will gain body weight. If a person eats fewer calories than he /she metabolizes then the person will lose enough body weight to be fit.

Quick methods to lose weight fast

There are multiple options available around you to lose body weight for e.g. weight loss supplements, fat burning agents, weight management course, dietary inhibitors, etc. In such a condition anyone would feel confused and terrified with his elevating risk to serious health illness.

Here are some of the best possible options to increase the heights of metabolism and lower the risk of obesity:

  • Fix dietary equation by cutting back on sugar and carbs. The primary motive is here to control the overeating hunger cravings and when you have established your hunger not on demands but on survival then your body will continue to feed on the stored fat present in the body itself. See familiar changes in Ketogenic Diet.
  • Prep a balanced dietary meal to fulfill body requirements-On above-mentioned solution you don’t have to follow a strict dietary regime because the natural solution is more about switching your lifestyle and dietary methods rather than treating the illness.

There should be three most important dietary sources should be present in the diet:

  1. Protein Source – One of the most important source of energy is a protein which can never be ignored because it provides an elevating nature in the metabolic source.
  2. Low carb veggies – Most of the fitness experts promote low carb dietary requirements in order to initiate weight management and utilize body fat as the primary source of energy. So you should eat lower carb veggies which are high in fibers, mineral in order to stay healthy & fit.
  3. The fat sources – In dietary system you need to back your body with a sufficient amount of stored fat to stay in shape. The fact that most of us fail to lose body weight on general terms due to health issues or dietary issues continues to walk in the same direction without even showing signs of indulgent. Dieticians offer fat sources to be part of weight loss as you know trying low carb and low fat at the same time will leave your body in worse condition.
Final verdict

Finding the best weight loss solution is a difficult job in itself as you need to be specific about your healthcare priorities and fitness goals in order to achieve real results. Generally, obese people end up failing on the dietary spot which is very important in weight loss. Hope this information might help everyone.

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