Obesity Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


How does obesity develop?

Obesity is a huge problem in modern population as each individual wish to live separate lifestyle choices which define his characteristic. In every obese person life, there are some significant changes which describe their physique in the way he lives his life.

Coming to the solution obesity is a wider spectrum when it comes to the health problems which significantly plays a major role in health & fitness ratio. Mostly obese people generally wish to be physically fit and attractive like everyone else around them. Look since the beginning of weight obesity their environment and lifestyle choices play a major role in terms of physical overview. After some wide research, we simply care to lose weight rather than being fit from inside.

What do we expect from weight loss?

Normally every single being holds the very key of fitness when it comes to being fit. There are plenty of weight management options and evergreen natural solutions available on the market which assures you to lose a hefty ton of overweight burden of body fat. Look this is isn’t about shredding body fat but transforming your physique in a fit way. Whenever you try to overcome your own failures in fitness you still end up looking in the mirror without any results. Want to know the reasons then this would help.

Reasons for your weight loss failures?

Continuing with our daily regime workout we simply wish to see the physical changes because we care more about our shape & size than health or fitness. The idea of weight loss has planted in your mind by flooded fitness products and dieticians also like to involve in effortless solution.

The idea of fitness is much varied from just losing body weight. What most of the fat people think ” By losing body weight you can be physically fit” that myth is purely busted by every physician or dietician. So don’t go for weight loss but for a fit physique.

So here are some of the common failures in obese person weight loss regime which he neglects undoubtedly:

  1. The balance of calories – This is the most important aspect of weight management as every individual has to suffer from weight imbalance due to fat negligence which results in obesity. The balance of calories intake and calories expenditure should be equal to get healthy. The balance of calories is maintained by the genetic makeup of the physique. If this balance gets disturbed due to higher fat intake or low metabolic syndrome then the body starts storing the fat as a potential source of energy which unlikely never get utilized in the proper manner.
  2. Thrifty Genes – Right from the ancient age human evolution has been noted as one of the remarkable journeys where we humans have achieved more than just muscles, growth or vital characteristic. But with a significant amount of time and evolutionary period here comes some forgiven burden of genes which helps our body to store food in the sources stored energy sources. Thrifty genes are so-called the very gene responsible for a bigger and wider spectrum of the modern human obese problem.

Identifying causes of weight obesity or overweight challenges in the human body

Both the problems are related to fat accumulation in the body showing the vital reasons for a severe health illness. Obesity is a lot worse than overweight because it simply exposes your body to severe health problems that can never be treated properly and continue to support the addictive behavior of insatiable hunger cravings. Both of them are related to excess storage of fat and an increase in fat cells stored at different parts of the body.

There are some similar causes mentioned above but with unfulfilled behavior, our body tries to serve the sole purpose of satisfying hunger cravings not by adjusting the dietary demands but feeding the body with the very same thing that has been already present in itself. This is a cycle of fat storage which will never break until you stuck with energy imbalance issues:

  • Energy Imbalance – The energy imbalance is simply the unfulfilled gap between Energy Input and Energy Output. The calories investment play a major role as our body faces obesity challenges without even warning our body. Overweight or obesity develops overtime as our body stores fat and left untouched like a ship in the sea. The vital reason for this phenomenon behaviour is the intake of more than enough calories in the body. The number of carbohydrates, calories or dietary products which our body never used could hardly get utilized in the proper way.
  • Make energy does not equal to store energy – This is the biggest myth that I have witnessed in long years as obese people wish to stay in the very same place where they were before because they don’t wish to get out of their comfort zone. There are basically two levels of fat distribution which you can easily see-
  • Sugar stored in the form of Glycogen.
  • Fat is stored in the form of triglyceride
Ketogenic Diet is the real diet that you need to lose body weight

Every obese individual faces the struggles related to diet and low esteem body shaming which is really inappropriate for everyone. Life is truly incomplete without the feeling of fullness. Ketogenic Diet is a diet that helps to maintain the fat utilization to manage the dietary level without investing in the dietary essentials to maximize the efforts of Ketosis in order to maximize the efforts of metabolism in the body.

When the body’s metabolic rate generally elevates and dietary intake naturally lowers without using any energy utilization fuel. Here BHB(Beta Hydroxybutyrate) is an excellent Ketone Body which helps in regulating the fat breakdown in the lover to produce energy for the body.

When to expect results?

Losing the hefty burden of body fat is the primary goal of every obese person. Life could be very hard for those people who face the struggles of depressed lifestyle during their weight loss regime. Continuing with the weight loss goals obese people usually end up dealing with their own dietary failures. Ketogenic diet secretly treats insatiable eating distress to achieve balanced lifestyle goals without any side effects.

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