What Are The Reasons To Lose Weight?

Why is it important for you to lose weight?

Obesity is a major health issue throughout the world. It wasn’t a concern in the old times because there was no availability of junk food and most of the occupations were based on physical activity. Fast food is the main reason for overweight among today’s generation because it is easily available and tempts people to overeat. In modern times, people can get their chores done through the internet while just sitting at home. Lack of physical exercise makes them couch potatoes. Thus this are the reasons to lose weight.

Excess weight is not just a cosmetic concern. It not only makes a person lethargic and dull but also exposes him or her to other countless health risks. Few of them might even be death-causing like high blood pressure, rise in triglycerides, rise in LDL levels, increase in blood glucose level, etc. Risk related to these health problems can be minimized by overcoming obesity.

Health risks of being overweight:

  • High triglycerides level – triglycerides are the cells that are responsible for the storage of excess fat in the body. An Increase in the level of fatty cells can also increase the risk of heart diseases and gallstones.
  • Low immunity – a decrease in immune cells indicates the low resistance of the body towards rough environment conditions, extreme temperature, allergies, fungal infections, and other severe diseases. The fat discharge may help in increasing the level of immune cells.
  • Body-ache – the burden of overweight puts the pressure on muscles and bones of the body that results in deformation of spinal curvature and bad body posture. It may also cause back pain.
  • Sleeping disorder – obesity increases the fat in the visible as well as invisible areas. Increased body mass narrows airways to and from the lungs which may cause a problem in breathing and there might be sleep interruption due to poor breathing.
  • Metabolic syndrome – it is a condition when the body is not able to convert the food into the form of fuel. It causes energy imbalance because it results in the difference between energy intake and expenditure.


Reasons To Lose Weight
Reasons To Lose Weight

How can you lose weight in one month?

There is large no. of weight loss solutions available in the market but the Ketogenic diet is the most trending among all of them. It is a modern approach to lose weight.

This diet helped various celebrities to get back in shape. It is counted among the most promising ways to lose weight. It is an LCHF (Low-carb High-fat) diet that helps the body to enter the state of ketosis for commencing fat metabolism by the help of BHB (Beta Hydroxybutyrate).

It boosts energy levels, increases metabolic rate, detoxifies the body, reduces glucose levels, increases insulin sensitivity and triggers HDL cholesterol levels in order to aid quick and effective weight loss.

How does keto diet work to lose weight?

The ketogenic diet is a compilation of low carb, moderate protein, and high fat intake. It focuses on low carbohydrate intake as it releases serotonin hormone in the body that helps in suppressing appetite.

When the body runs out of glucose, it enters the state of ketosis where it switches carbohydrate metabolism with fat metabolism. BHB (beta-hydroxybutyrate) is a chemical compound that is the main player in the ketogenic diet.

It helps in the breakdown of triglycerides (fat cells) into ketone bodies that further work as a fuel in body functioning. As it uses fat as a primary source of energy, it causes more fat burning and hence, there is more fat discharge. This utilization of fat results in healthy weight management.

What are the benefits of keto diet?
  1. Boosts metabolism – this diet includes BHB that helps in converting the triglycerides into ketone bodies for energy production at a much faster rate.
  2. Suppresses appetite – keto diet helps in the stimulation of serotonin hormone. This hormone helps in alleviating hunger cravings by providing a sense of satiety to the body and treats an insatiable eating disorder.
  3. Maintains energy balance – this diet puts a limitation on carbohydrate intake and increases the switches glucose metabolism with fat metabolism and hence, results in fast fat burning to lose weight. This helps in creating a balance between energy production and usage.
  4. Detoxifies the body – during the state of ketosis, the body uses fat as a fuel. Therefore there is an increase in the discharge of fats and toxins from the body.
  5. Increases energy levels – when our body runs on ketosis, it doesn’t look for outside sources for energy as it occupies already available fat in the body that helps you to be more energetic than ever and motivates to lose weight.

Though keto diet is the most revolutionary and adoptive weight loss approach in modern times, it comes with certain after effects like sleep issues, constipation, fatigue, irregularity in menstruation, low libido, keto flu, etc. though, most of these effects are short-term.

Evolution of Keto diet from 20th to the 21st century:

Previously keto diet was introduced by Greek physicians to treat the symptoms of epilepsy and other health issues. At that time, fasting was considered one of the best approaches to live a healthy life. Back then, its components included green leafy veggies, non-starchy fruits, nuts, berries, high-fat dairy products, and other protein-rich foods.

Nowadays, ketogenic diet is a popular dietary solution among people who seek to lose weight. It is now easily available in the form of bottled supplements and pills and is supported by other potent ingredients that help in aiding weight loss.


The ketogenic diet is an advanced solution for weight loss. It causes fast fat burning as it runs the body in the state of ketosis. It boosts metabolism and regulates appetite as it is a compilation of low-carb, moderate-protein and high-fat diet.

The main component of the keto diet is BHB (Beta Hydroxybutyrate). It limits the carb intake of the body through stimulation of serotonin hormone that helps in suppressing hunger that leads to a drop in blood glucose level. Then when the body reaches the state of ketosis, BHB turns stored fat into ketone bodies for energy production. This process helps in aiding weight management to lose weight, boosts energy level, regulates blood sugar level and increases HDL cholesterol and helps you to get healthy body weight.

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